Best Cashback Credit Cards

As with any credit card offer, determining the best cashback credit cards requires that you study all features and charges of each card, and not just the offers that give you bonus points or cash back. You need to know the interest rate during and after the introductory offer, the length of time of the introductory offer, the annual fee if there is any, and other details of the fine print on each credit card application.

The best cashback credit cards, and in fact nearly all cashback credit cards, require that you have an excellent credit score to qualify. Let’s take a few that might be considered the best cashback credit cards.

The first, An American Express card, offers five percent of your cash back when you used it to purchase gas. You have a zero percentage introductory APR, no annual fee, and a transfer fee of 4.99 percent fixed. With this card you can set up an automatic monthly bill paying system that gives you cash back on your cable and telephone bill, your parking fee and even expenses for transportation. Some long distance charges with some carriers might not qualify, however. You can even order more than one card on this same account, in the name of any family member 18 years of age or older, at no additional activation charge. You may even qualify for a no-fee transfer of balance from other higher rate credit cards.
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